Frequently Asked Questions

What is StoryBrand?

StoryBrand is a marketing framework created by Donald Miller (yes, the Blue Like Jazz guy). He took his years as a best selling author and developed a 7-step framework to help brands tell a clear and compelling story. Their goal is to help you revolutionize your marketing, connect with people, and grow your organization.

Please Note: We are not endorsed, sponsored, or paid by StoryBrand. We are all independent contractors licensed by StoryBrand to help organizations implement the StoryBrand framework.

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Are Certified Guides employed by StoryBrand?

We are not StoryBrand employees. In fact, we made a significant investment to have the StoryBrand team train us to help people like you better implement the principles taught within the StoryBrand framework.

Does StoryBrand pay you for this podcast?

Nope! All the guides involved with the Solving Problems podcast are volunteering their time because they believe the StoryBrand framework can revolutionize how churches communicate with the people of their community.

Can you teach me the StoryBrand framework?

We can not teach you the StoryBrand framework. As part of our agreement with StoryBrand, Certified Guides exist to help you implement the framework once you’ve already read the book, taken the online course, or attended the live workshop.

Can I hire you to help my church?

Absolutely! Head over to the Questions page and fill out the form there. We’d love to see how we can help your church reach new people.

Are you wanting more hands-on training?

Online Course

You can start learning from Don Miller immediately and at your own pace.

Live Workshop

You get face-to-face training with the StoryBrand team over two days.

Private Workshops

You’ll have a StoryBrand facilitator join you and your team for personalized training.

Please Note: We will receive a commission for any of StoryBrand training resources you purchase.

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