Want your sticker for reviewing the show?

Well… about that.

In Episode 6, we put out an offer for a free sticker for anyone who would review us on iTunes. For the first four days after that episode published, not a single person had taken us up on the offer.

On the fifth day, we got our first sticker request.

Then another.

And another.

37 requests later, we knew something was up.

Come to find out, there’s an aggregator website called yofreesamples.com. They posted a roundup of free sticker offers on the internet and our show was one of them.

Pretty funny, right?!

The best part? They even linked to the podcast review and told people they had to leave a review to get the stickers.

So our offer still stands – if you are a listener of the show and review it on Apple Podcasts, we’ll send you a sticker.

But if you’re from yofreesamples.com, you’re not getting a sticker.