Episode 13

How to talk about giving and motivate people to invest in your church

Talking about giving is awkward. This week, we talk with Stu Baker from NewFire Giving about the biggest mistake churches make when talking about giving (2:49), why talking about money is weird (6:56), and how our biggest problem with the money conversation is our messaging (8:37). We also look at why giving to nonprofits is up while giving to the church is down (12:58), the #1 reason a person gives to an organization (13:55), and how Charity:Water used success to motivate people to give (16:50). To close the episode, we dive into how more options to give isn’t always better (19:39), when to use text giving (22:34), and the importance of celebrating giving (25:24).

Featuring Jonathan Carone, Kyler Nixon, and Stu Baker.

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