The Gospel is too meaningful to not be heard.

We help you reach more people using the power of story.

All episodes of Season 3 drop July 10

This season, Solving Problems will show you how other churches have used story to:


Improve everything they do as a church


Plan their teaching series


Raise more money and make a bigger impact


Write their sermons quicker


Guide people to Jesus in worship


Make their promotions easier and more effective


Grow by 76% in 5 months


Reach more people and grow their church

Our team is here to help you reach your community and grow your church.

Jonathan Carone


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As a StoryBrand Certified Guide and former church Communications Director, Jonathan understands first hand how hard your job is. That’s why he’s leveraged over 13 years as a designer and story teller to help churches transform their marketing and connect with their audience better than ever.

Since starting a business in 2015, he’s had the pleasure of working with over 60 churches and Christian organizations spread over six countries. His passion is to help churches clear up their message so they can impact their cities with the Gospel of Jesus.

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Kyler Nixon


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Kyler enjoys the sunshine in Phoenix, but has partnered with churches and ministries all over the United States! He believes everyone has a unique story to tell the world. After working on the creative team in a local church, he left to build a business of his own to multiply his impact and serve you even better!

He’s passionate about taking your organization to the next level and believes it’s time for your brand to be just as awesome as you are!

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Wes Gay

Featured Guest

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Wes’s bio here.

Drew Powell

Featured Guest

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Drew is the Creative Arts Pastor at Cross Point Church. He leads the Creative team in dreaming, creating and executing experiences, communications, music and more for all areas of ministry at Cross Point. It is his desire for the church to regain its position as a leader of the creative frontier and help create environments where people can take next steps in their journey with Christ. Drew’s favorite thing to do is travel as well as discover new music, ideas, places and experiences with his wife, Jamie, and their 4 children. They can usually be found exploring the outdoors or cheering on their favorite team, The Gators!

Read Building A StoryBrand

To get the most out of Solving Problems, we suggest reading Building A StoryBrand by Donald Miller. Everything we talk about will be based on the framework presented in the book.

Listen to Solving Problems

Our podcast is all about how to implement the principles taught in Building A StoryBrand. All the guests on the show have experience on church staffs and have gone through extensive training on how to best use the StoryBrand framework.

Use the power of story to reach more people

Jesus taught primarily in parables. He knew how strongly the human brain connected with stories. We teach you how to harness the same methods Jesus used in order to reach your community.

Breaking through all the noise is one of the hardest parts of your job.

But it doesn’t have to be.

We want to teach you how to leverage the power of story to reach more people and grow your church.